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Sunny Pro Aviator Sunglasses Colored Tinted Lens Glasses Metal UV400 Protection
Sunny Pro Aviator Sunglasses Colored Tinted Lens Glasses Metal UV400 Protection
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About this item

  • CLASSIC AVIATOR STYLE SUNGLASSES – Keep yourself looking sharp and your eyes protected with our Aviator sunglasses. Designed with a durable metal wire frame and perfectly tinted 57mm frames, they’re a great Halloween costume and outfit choice for men and women.
  • STYLISHLY COLOR TINTED LENSES – We’ve fashioned the lenses for our Aviator style metal frame sunglasses out of premium-quality polycarbonate while also providing many stylish and unique color tinted options to choose from, from solids to gradients.
  • PROTECTIVE UV400 TINTING – These Aviator style sunglasses are designed to provide you with a classic sense of style that’s perfect to wear on any hot and sunny day thanks to their UV400 protection, blocking the sun’s harmful UV, UVA/UVB rays.
  • MICROFIBER CLEANING POUCH – Our tinted Aviator sunglasses also come with a soft yet durable microfiber travel pouch with pull-strings which is perfect for cleaning our Aviator glasses and safely storing them without scratching their lenses.


Sunny Pro Aviator Style Sunglasses

Looking for a classic pair of sunglasses that are a perfect fit for almost any outfit?

Need a pair of Aviator glasses that are feature a durable, high-quality design and full eye protection?

If so, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Presenting ★Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Women★

Our Aviator sunglasses feature the stylish and trendy Aviator Design which is a classic American 70’s and 80’s style that’s been popular since the 50’s. These tinted Aviator sunglasses feature a fashionable and durable metal frame along with large 57mm tinted, non-polarized lenses that make them a fantastic fit for almost any outfit whether you’re at the beach, on a road trip, or just on your daily commute. Plus, thanks to their fame’s thin design and plastic tipped temples, they’re incredibly comfortable to wear all day long.

When designing our Aviator style metal frame sunglasses’ lenses, we crafted them from high-end polycarbonate along with providing them with a vast variety of color tinting options from solid colors to sleek gradients that present the world in a soft colored hue when worn. The lenses on our Aviator glasses also provide you with full UV400 protection and we’ve made them a large 57mm wide and 49mm tall so that they can completely block the sun’s harmful UV and UVA/UVB rays.

Need more reasons to choose Sunny Pro?

  • Includes a microfiber pouch that can be used for cleaning your Aviator glasses’ lenses and keeping them well protected
  • A perfect choice for completing 60’s 70’s themed party and disco costumes
  • Our Aviator style glasses have been designed to last for years without wearing down
  • A fantastic gift for the men and women in your life who enjoy 70’s and 80’s fashion

Keep your style sharp and your eyes protected with our Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Women, today!